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Precision Machining

Senar Precision Engineering specialises in the production of low to medium volume precision machined components, utilising a wide range of CNC machinery including CNC vertical machining centres with 4th axis, full 5 axis simultaneous machining centres, CNC multi axis turn/mill lathes with driven tools (including Y axis), and CNC wire erosion and EDM machines.

One of the most important aspects of our service is our close attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process which is backed up by our production engineering and quality departments. Our CNC machines are DNC linked via our programming department and we have a full range of solid model CAD and CAM software.

The type of components we typically manufacture are a range from small turned and prismatic components where tolerances may be to just a few microns up to much larger components with high degrees of complexity and turned sizes up to 800mm diameter and up to 2.8 metres in length on machining centres.

Prototypes to full volume

One of Senar’s areas of speciality is in the production of low volume components either as individual items or groups of components for assemblies. These assemblies are frequently complex and highly accurate and for demanding industries such as optical, aerospace and science and research.

Where we are manufacturing prototypes, we frequently liaise closely with our customer’s engineering and design teams to discuss manufacturing methods and designs both for ease of production at the prototype stage and for when components reach production volumes.

Plant Refurbishment

At Senar Precision Engineering we have decades of experience in re-building specialised plant and equipment, most particularly for the petro-chemical industry. We have the capability to strip down complex pieces of plant down to their individual components and we will then either re-manufacture any worn out components and/or repair components where appropriate before re-assembling.

We have a dedicated work bay for this aspect of our business together with a 10 Tonne overhead crane. We re-manufacture relatively small valves up to large steam pumps and mixers, weighing several tonnes.

As part of our white metal bearings business we also frequently re-manufacture bearings systems and shafts etc. These will often have been re-examined immediately after breakdown on our latest co-ordinate measuring machines so as to create a 3D model for machining purposes.