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Production Control

Across its operation, Senar utilises a fully integrated ERP system to control all production from quotation to delivery. Using live shop floor data collection, the system gives full visibility at each phase of manufacturing, providing accurate machine schedules and predicting potential pinch points etc. which might otherwise cause delay. Having access to real time information also allows us to provide customers with production forecasts, detailed progress reports and accurate delivery dates, essential for controlling multi line item orders and complex build programmes.

ERP is also central to our QA requirement, controlling documents and drawings, material traceability and exception reporting in accordance with our ISO accreditation. It allows full contract review, particularly important to repeat production, highlighting areas of inefficiency, assisting with machine tool optimisation and ultimately reducing operating costs.

Additional features include estimating and quoting, inventory management, advanced financial reporting, CRM, project management and other snap on modules providing complete manufacturing control.